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WHYlennial Podcast

Nov 2, 2021

In this episode, Nick scratches the surface of the metaverse and as an older millennial provides a beginner's guide for anyone who is confused about Mark Zuckerberg's announcement that his company will be changing its name from Facebook to Meta.

Mar 5, 2021

In this episode, Nick gets a little personal and discusses his Faith and his belief in God.

Feb 7, 2021

In this episode, Nick takes a dive down the rabbit hole and presents some physics thought experiments and talks about some metaphysical and philosophical ideas.


Morpheus Speech

Soul “Jerry”

Dr. Strange vs Dormammu

Jan 18, 2021

In this episode, Nick discusses Socrates and the Socratic Method as well as Epistemology and what knowledge is. Nick finishes by discussing some economic concepts like: utility, Opportunity Cost, the Decision Matrix and the Life Cycle of Financial Planning, and true randomness.


Jan 17, 2021

In this episode, Nick discusses what it means to "be the best". He talks about his favorite motivational books, and invites the listener to think about "being the best" in a different way.